Company Profile

Mortino company was established in 1980. Headquartered in Thessalonica, Greece, Mortino is exclusively engaged in the design, manufacturing, retail and wholesale distribution of high quality carnival and special masquerades costumes under the brand name Mortino.
The company has 2 directly managed stores and over 180 retail corners and selling points.In Mortino we believe in peoples' teamwork and the spirit of today is as optimistic and enthusiastic as it was when the company started.
Our position, as one of the major carnival and special masquerades costume company in Greece, is based on our ability to change from day to day offering fashion products, high quality and attractive prices. Functional design and efficient distribution are the main advantageous features of our company.

Focusing on:

Each of our collection is based on thorough exploration of market needs, in combination with our ability to sense new trends instantly.
Undoubtedly the field that we invest the most. Starting with CAD-CAM design, every production stage is being supported by state of the art computer software and sophisticated electronical control devices. Throughout the whole production and distribution process, modern ERP software is used.
We offer our customers high quality garments and accessories fully aligned to current fashion trends in fair prices.
Quality control:
From the raw materials purchase, over every stage of our production and up to the final product and its shipment, close quality monitoring ensures refined finishing and design details, some of the distinctive features of our carefully crafted products. Our products are CE certified and our company is ISO 9001:2000 certified.
Established marketing strategies lead us to issue every year new detailed products catalogues representing our fresh collections.
All materials used have been manufactured by using friendly to the environment processes.


We are proud to denote that our costumes are manufactured in the EC, by adults officially and fully secured. Along its steady course of development Mortino has succeed to achieve remarkable annual growth rates over the last few years.