Company Profile

“MORTINO’’ Company is a company specialized in design, manufacturing and disposal of high quality carnival costumes and accessories. “Mortino’’ Company was established in 1980 in Thessaloniki, Greece. In 2012, it turned into ‘”Mortino Group’’ with the participation of “Mortino GR’’ and “Mortino e.K.’’ – with the last one to be located in Nürnberg, Germany. In “Mortino Group’’ our aim is to combine our experience and expertise with the nowadays’ technology.

Research: Before each new collection, we investigate the current consumers’ needs and also, the latest fashion trends. Consequently, each collection is a combination and result of them both.

Technology: The designing is taking place with high tech software and the system CAD – CAM. Furthermore, for the cutting of the costumes a digital cutter is used. Lastly, for the monitoring of the production and afterwards, of the handling a custom made EPR software is used.

Products: Our costumes are qualified and made with high quality materials and fabrics. They are meant for consumers of all ages, for all the year round and for every use. We also offer specialized products for Halloween, Christmas and ballet – classroom clothes and show costumes.

Quality control : The control and monitoring of our quality is applied from the very first stage of production, which is the purchase of the materials and fabrics to be further used, and it is continued in every production’s and handling’s stage. Mortino’s Group products are under the CE regulation and both the production and handling of our products are qualified with ISO 9001:2000.

Environment: We ensure that every material and fabric to be used is produced in an environmental friendly way. We even pay attention to the environmental profile of our fabric’s suppliers, in order to have environmental friendly products and ensured about their quality – allergies free, not tested on animals etc. Lastly, Mortino Group is producing in a way friendly to the environment taking care of the resources, such as energy use, and the disposal of the production’s line waste, applying recycling in every stage of the production where it is possible.

Human resources : Mortino’s Group products are made only within the European Union in factories and places which fulfill the European safety and health regulations and where no children are occupied, but adult workers covered with work insurance.